United Nations report reveals atrocities on Uyghur Muslims in China, stunned China

Publish Date: 01 Sep, 2022 |

A United Nations report on the atrocities on Uighur Muslims in China's Xinjiang province has been released. In the report, the UN accused China of "serious human rights violations". The report claimed that Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities are being persecuted in China. However, China has been denying this. Investigators say they have found "credible evidence" of atrocities that amount to "crimes against humanity".

Prisoners are tortured in the detention centres

The report released by the UN claims that prisoners are tortured in detention centers, including 'sexual harassment and gender-based violence'. It has been said in the report that they were kept imprisoned in the detention centre. Medicines are forcibly given to minorities. They are subjected to a discriminatory policy of family planning and birth control policies.

The United Nations has appealed to China to immediately release all those imprisoned illegally and arbitrarily. The UN report has even indicated that some of China's actions fall under the category of 'international crimes, including crimes against humanity'.

China denies the reports

Beijing has been continuously denying the talk of such a camp in Xinjiang. However, in the year 2017, China had accepted these so-called training camps for the first time. At present, neither the central nor the provincial authorities have disclosed how many people have been kept in these camps. Apart from this, Beijing has also been accused of keeping about one million people in detention camps, forced labor in Xinjiang, forced abortions.

An appeal was also made from China not to publish this report. However, it was rejected and the bachelorette released it on the last day in the office. Now China says that this report is based on 'misinformation and lies prepared by anti-China forces.' At the same time, it was also said that the report was defaming China and through this it interfered in the internal affairs of China.


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