UP Assembly Election 2022: Priyanka Gandhi withdraws statement with chief minister's face in UP

Publish Date: 22 Jan, 2022 |

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi backs out from her statement, that she is the face for CM constituency for Congress in UP. She said that the party decides who will be the CM candidate. She backed out of her announcement and said that she said that out of frustration because they are continuously asking these questions, and it's not a big thing. 

She also said that they were ready for any kind of alliance with any party, but their was no such discussion and they might have to contest the elections alone which is in a way good for the party. They have not fought the elections in Uttar Pradesh for a long time and when they contest, they only enlist 100 seats out of 403 and when they leave so much seats out, the party’s hold in those constituencies weakens and that is why we needed to fight these elections alone so that they can get that stronghold.

Youth Manifesto by Congress

 She has promised that if they win the elections, they will provide 20 lakh employment opportunities, out of which 8 lakh will be for girls. 12 lakh jobs among them would be government and they would all be based on the talents of people. Priyanka claimed that they have a different ideology than other parties. They will work only for the welfare of the people. She has also promised that they will provide jobs to 1.5 Lakh teachers and all these are included in our “YOUTH MANIFESTO”. 


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