UP government completes 6 months, yet why is CM Yogi keeping distance from media?

Publish Date: 26 Sep, 2022 |

The Uttar Pradesh government has completed 6 months, but this time there is neither any noise nor any hustle in Lucknow. This time CM Yogi Adityanath presented himself in a new way in these 6 months. No interview, no conversation. In this matter, the Chief Minister's Office says that CM Yogi has focused only on work. 

In these 6 months, CM Yogi Adityanath has carried forward the work of his previous tenure. More than Lucknow, he was seen roaming in different districts and areas of UP. During this time CM Yogi did not talk to any media organisation. Even soon after becoming CM, Yogi Interview avoided giving interviews.

CM Yogi keeps himself away from publicity

Those close and knowledgeable of Yogi say that this time the Chief Minister's strategy is somewhat different. Instead of telling his work himself, he is reaching the people through various means and mechanisms of the government and is keeping himself away from publicity. Although the people handling the media of the Chief Minister had planned his press conferences with different media institutions, etc., on the completion of 6 months of Yogi Sarkar 2.0, but for the time being CM Yogi has refused that too.

Not given any interview since he became CM

Ever since Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister, he has not given any interview. If sources are to be believed, he has a disagreement with the Centre on many issues, which is currently contained in his silence. Actually. In the formation of Yogi 2.0, from the formation of the cabinet to the administrative reshuffle, there has been a disagreement between Lucknow and Delhi Durbar, which is in discussions.


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