UP Madrasa Survey: Maulana Sajid Rashidi's bad words, indecent remarks on Madrasa Survey

Publish Date: 15 Sep, 2022 |

Survey of Madrasa is being conducted in Uttar Pradesh. Different types of reactions are coming on this. Meanwhile, Muslim religious leader Maulana Sajid Rashidi has said that if the government wants to conduct a survey of government madrasas, then they should take such action, but they cannot do so in private madrasas. Along with this, he has told the people of the Muslim community that if anyone comes with such a notice, then he should be welcomed with slippers and shoes.

Maulana Rashidi’s comment

In a conversation with a news agency, Maulana Rashidi said, "The legal madrassas that you have, who take ads from you, get them surveyed. Modernise them too. It is your right to do whatever you want with them. But you will also do private madrasas? So I want to appeal to the Muslims that if anyone comes with a notice, show him the law of 2009 and welcome the team with shoes and slippers.

With the intention of improving the condition of madrassas in the state and modernising them, the Yogi government is going to conduct a survey of private madrasas. For the survey, 10 teams are being sent in the state. These survey teams will find out whether the madrasa is recognized or not. Apart from this, which is the institution running the madrasa, since when is the madrasa being run, from where is the madrasa earning income, whether the madrasa building is its own or on rent, the number of students in the madrassa, the number of students in the madrassa What facilities are available to them, the number of teachers in the madrassa, all these things will be ascertained.

BJP retaliates at Rashidi’s comment

Former UP minister Mohsin Raza has reacted strongly to this statement of Maulana. Raza said that such statements of people like Rashidi are provoking students and madrassas. The government wants to do good to the madrassas through surveys, but when such statements come, the government is forced to take a tough stand. Raza said that action would be taken against Rashidi for such a statement. He has spoken to the officials. If people like Rashid are making such statements, then the survey has become very necessary.


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