UP News: Child stole Rs 10 lakh from Cooperative Bank in Mathura in 7 seconds, CCTV video arrived

Publish Date: 10 Sep, 2022 |

10 lakh rupees were stolen from the cash counter in the district cooperative bank located in Chaumuhan, the town of Mathura. The bank employees are devastated by the incident of theft in broad daylight. The entire incident of theft was captured in the CCTV camera. Jait police reached the spot after getting information about the theft incident in the bank. The police are involved in the investigation of the matter.

Money stolen by a minor

These bundles of notes kept in the room of the co-operative bank were crossed in just 7 seconds. A minor showed such cleanliness of his hand that he ran away with money by dodging the officers. This case is of a cooperative bank located in Chaumuhan town of Mathura district. Where this minor, from under the nose of the bank employees, gets ruffed by picking up the entire 10 lakh rupees in just 7 seconds.

Police said that the youth, who had come to the cooperative bank with the intention of stealing tax money, started keeping an eye on the cashier Harish Yadav as soon as he entered the bank. As soon as the cashier left, the thief reached the cash counter, avoiding the bank employees, and put two bundles of five lakh rupees tied with notes in polythene. The incident of theft was captured in the CCTV installed in the bank. Bank manager Varun Katiyar said that the thief stole two bundles of five lakh rupees each from the cash counter. A complaint has been made to the Jait police.

Bank manager lodges complain

Bank branch manager Varun Katiyar told in the complaint given to the police that he had called for Rs 20 lakh from the headquarters for payment to the depositors in the bank, which reached the bank at around one o'clock. At 2.40 a teenager was already sitting in the bank branch. He stole Rs 10 lakh from the cash counter. This incident was captured on CCTV.


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