UPSC Success Stories: Know how IAS Sumit Kumar Rai cracked the UPSC Exam in 5th attempt to secure 54th rank, along with his job

Harleen Kaur JaggiPublish Date: 22 Nov, 2021

UPSC Success Stories:

While most people give up after getting failure in one or two attempts, there are some people who work hard without stopping to achieve their goals and achieve success. One such person is IAS Sumit Kumar Rai, who secured 54th rank in the UPSC Civil Services 2018 examination. After failing four times in a row, Sumit fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS in his last attempt. Let us know about his struggling journey:

Sumit prepared for UPSC along with his job: 

UPSC Civil Services Examination is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in the country. Lakhs of candidates appear in the exam every year, most of them prepare for this exam by completing their studies or leaving their jobs. Although Sumit Kumar did not have the option of quitting the job, so he set a target for each day and studied while continuing with the job.

Sumit says that he used to set his goals every day for his studies and used t complete certain targets each day. Sometimes it used to happen and sometimes it could not happen. Sumit shared that due to office stress, he could not study even after coming home many times but Sumit he always kept himself engaged and never stopped focussing on his studies along with his job.

IAS Sumit cracked UPSC in 2018:

Sumit has given this exam not once or twice but five times. It is not easy to keep working hard for so many years in preparation for an exam like UPSC, which makes a person tired. Sumit tells that he was disappointed after failing 4 times but he never got discouraged and kept trying. Each time the reasons for his failure were different but Sumit maintained his loyalty towards the goal. Taking lessons from his every failure, Sumit gave his 5th attempt in 2018 and cleared it to secure 54th rank.

IAS Sumit Kumar Rai Preparation Strategy:

Sumit says that it doesn't matter what your background is, everyone has to do his share of hard work as the UPSC exam can be passed only by hard work and dedication. Sumit says that initially, one should study to strengthen his base because without being strong without base one cannot succeed in the UPSC examination. IAS Sumit Kumar Rai is an inspiration to every person who is struggling to achieve his goal in life.

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