UPSC Toppers Success Stories: Know IPS Amit Lodha UPSC Strategy, Preparation Tips, Interview and Struggle

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UPSC Success Stories:

IPS Amit Lodha is considered one of the best IPS officers of Bihar who currently holds the rank of Inspector General of Police (IG). Amit Lodha was also awarded President's Police Medal for Meritorious Service, Police Medal, and Internal Security Medal. IPS Amit Lodha spent his school and college time in self-doubt and depression. So, in this article further, let’s know more about IPS Amit Lodha’s success story.

Amit’s grandfather inspired him to become an IPS officer:

IPS Amit Lodha's grandfather was an IAS officer. Since childhood, Amit was attracted by his grandfather and the policemen living near him, and the uniform of officers. Amit says that as a child he was weak and shy and the police service helped him a lot in gaining self-confidence.

IPS Amit Lodha used to be depressed during his College days:

Amit, who hails from Rajasthan, did his schooling at St. Xavier's School in Jaipur. After this, he cleared the entrance exam of IIT Delhi on the first attempt. But Amit says that his time spent in college was the worst phase of his life as he spent most of the time in college with an inferiority complex.

Recalling his experience, Amit shared that, “At first I realized that everyone was better than me in college, brilliant too. And I had no competition with those people. When I look back, I laugh at why I felt that way. Like most of them, I had cleared the exam on merit in the first attempt. But because I kept telling myself that I couldn't do anything, I failed even the simplest tasks and exams. I was failing in everything. I was suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. I thought I was the most unlucky person in the world. I had the worst grades and even my friends were turning away from me because I was quiet and considered awkward."

IPS Amit Lodha's contribution to the Bihar Police Service:

Amit Lodha’s first posting took place in many difficult areas of Bihar away from his hometown in Rajasthan. Amit Lodha, who was always ready to serve the general public, made him an officer of the people. In the late 1990s and early 2000s when mobile phones were uncommon Amit ensured that people could contact them directly by calling via landlines and talk with them about any law and order or legal issues.

How IPS Amit Lodha won the gallantry award:

During his posting in the Begusarai district, Lodha was informed about Naxalite activities around the area. Resources were limited, but the officer thought of unconventional methods. From keeping an eye on mobile phones to having a dedicated team of officers and police personnel to carry out the siege, he did it systematically. But the Naxalites were equally strong, as they opened fire.

Amit says, “When I reached the spot, the firing started. My DSP and police personnel were walking through the mud. I did the same. Since the road was unpaved, I crawled to the nearest house until I realized that this was the spot where the firing was taking place. My bodyguard was also shot. This encounter lasted for three hours, my team and I attacked nine of the Naxalites, including three women. We also managed to rescue two soldiers who were seriously injured and recovered cash and a huge cache of weapons."

IPS Amit Lodha’s mission was successful and he was awarded the Police Gallantry Medal.


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