US President Election: Donald Trump announced that he will contest the 2024 presidential election

Publish Date: 16 Nov, 2022 |

The presidential election to be held in the year 2024 in America is going to be very interesting. Because former President Donald Trump has made a big announcement. He told that he will be the Republican Party's contender in the 2024 presidential election. 

Trump submits documents to Federal Election Commission

Trump has also submitted official documents in this regard to the Federal Election Commission.  Trump said that he is going to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election in the direction of making America great once again. Trump said that he is going to contest the election because he believes that the world has not yet seen the greatness of this great country. He claimed that he would once again bring America to number one. 

Trump targets Biden

According to CNBC, Trump targeted Biden quite a few times in his speech at a Florida private club. He said that 'our nation is on the decline'. We are headed towards a failed nation for millions of American citizens. Talking about the first two years of President Joe Biden's rule, he said that 'I will make sure that Joe Biden does not get another four years. After the announcement, he also set up a new campaign committee for himself.


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