Uses of Petroleum Jelly:Petroleum Jelly Benefits for Skin and 5 Petroleum Jelly Hacks.Watch Video.

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Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly (also called petrolatum) is a blend of mineral oils and waxes, which form a semisolid jelly-like substance. This product hasn’t evolved much since Robert Augustus Chesebrough discovered it in 1859. Chesebrough saw that oil workers would use gooey jelly to treat their wounds and burns. He eventually packaged this jelly as 'Vaseline.'

Petroleum jelly benefits come from its main ingredient petroleum, which helps seal your skin with a water-protective barrier. This helps your skin heal and retains moisture.

But we often fail to utilise petroleum jelly to its fullest. 

Petroleum jelly uses/petroleum jelly hacks

Here are 5  hacks to use petroleum jelly to its fullest:

1.Vaseline to prevent split ends/benefits of vaseline

Sun and wind exposure as well as pool water can dry up your hair. Petroleum jelly can decrease the look of split ends and add shine to your hair. Rub a small amount of jelly between your palms and apply to hair ends and watch them shine!

2.Petroleum jelly to protect your cuticles

Petroleum jelly works as a hydrating agent and moisturises the skin. Cuticles tend to dry up fast, to protect them, use Vaseline. Apply petroleum jelly on the cuticles regularly to keep them moistured.

3.Prep your skin for fragrance 

Using petroleum jelly as a base for your scent can help it last longer. Apply petroleum jelly before using your favourite fragrance. It will keep your skin safe from the scent as well as the fragrance will last longer.

4.Petroleum jelly to remove makeup

Getting dolled-up is fun and satisfying until you have to remove those makeup from your face. Here's a life-saving hack for all those lazy bones out there, apply vaseline on the face and use cotton to wipe it off. Your makeup will be removed in no time! Especially those stubborn mascaras!

5.Petroleum jelly hack as DIY scrub

You might not always have a costly scrub at home, but you want to exfoliate your skin. Here's a tip. Use Vaseline with sugar or salt to make a quick scrub. 


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