Utkrisht Maurya denies allegations against his father, says will let the party decide

Publish Date: 13 Jan, 2022 |

As Swami Prasad Maurya has shocked everyone by resigning from BJP, his family has finally talked about the situations and allegations against him. His son Utkrisht Maurya has said that all the allegations against his father regarding the demand for ticket for me and my sister are false. He further said that his father Swami Prasad Maurya and the rest of the party will decide whether they want him to stand in the elections or just want him to work as a party worker.

“There are no talks for ticket for me and my sister. Every single step will be taken to ensure the welfare of Dalits and backward class, and if BJP has failed in doing so, there will surely be changes”, he said. Yesterday when Swami Prasad resigned from BJP, along with him three other MLAs also resigned from BJP to show support for Maurya’s decision. 

Will Maurya Join Samajwadi Party or not?

Though he has ignored all the questions whether he will join Samajwadi Party or not, an official tweet by Akhilesh Yadav has confirmed it. Furthermore, MLA Brajesh Prajapati has also said that none of the three MLAs have decided whether they will join SP or not. He said that they will hold a meeting today and tomorrow to discuss the situation. But one thing is for certain that they will join whichever party their leader Swami Prasad Maurya might join. Finally he also said that beside them, there are many other MLAs who have resigned from the party. 

BJP's damage control

Resignation by all these MLAs has resulted in a huge loss in the OBC section equation for BJP. That is why BJP has started damage control to save them from the trouble. Swatantra Dev Singh and General Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Sunil Bansal have been provided with the duty to take care and handle all the angry MLAs who are deciding to leave the party. Furthermore, Deputy CM Keshav Maurya has also tweeted and asked all of them to reconsider their resignation and talk about the situation to form a solution.



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