Valentines day 2023: Valentines day V/s White Day how Japan & South Korea celebrate their romance season

Publish Date: 06 Feb, 2023
Valentines day 2023: Valentines day V/s White Day how Japan & South Korea celebrate their romance season
Valentinesweek: Ever heard of the term ‘Alter ego of Valentine's day’? If you also like binge watching K-dramas and are fan of Asian dramas then there is a great chance of you being curious about the widely celebrated ‘White Day’ concept. While some believe that Valentine's day and White Day are used interchangeably, that’s a myth because both the days have different meanings and significance in few Asian countries, mostly East Asia. So what exactly is the difference between these two days, let us explain in this article. 

Difference between Valentines day and White Day

What is Valentine's day?

14th February every year is widely celebrated as Valentine's day across the globe. Ahead of Valentines day comes the Valentines week, which starts from 7th of February. Every day in the week holds some importance and purpose starting from Rose Day and continuing towards Propose day, Chocolate day,Teddy Day, Promise day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally valentines day. This holiday culture originated from the West and is typically associated with giving gifts such as flowers, chocolates, or cards to one's romantic partner while expressing their love and affection towards each other. Valentine's Day is celebrated differently in Korea and Japan where women present chocolate to men as a token of their love.

What is White Day?

White Day the concept initially originated from Japan and was later adopted by several East Asian countries. The Day is now a popular holiday and is celebrated by the couple with great zeal. White Day in contrast is seen as the response to Valentine's day and is typically focused for men to reciprocate the love and affection shown to them by women on Valentine's Day. The day was initially marketed as the ‘Marshmallow day’ however the term didn’t succeed but the essence remained. On this day men generally gift their partner Marshmallow or candies made of the same. White was chosen because it symbolizes purity and conjures up pure, sweet love. The day is celebrated a month after Valentine's day and is witnessed as a reply for all the efforts a woman made earlier. 

The season of romance

There are clear cultural distinctions between the two romantic days, despite certain parallels in how love and affection are expressed. While White Day has its roots in Japanese culture, Valentine's Day is largely a Western celebration. White Day is mainly geared at males showing their appreciation to the women in their lives, whereas Valentine's Day is a day for couples to celebrate their love.

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