Vehicles with no Pollution Certificates to be charged fines of Rs. 10,000, to curb air pollution in Delhi

Publish Date: 18 Nov, 2021 |

Delhi Air Pollution:

Every effort is being made to reduce the increasing air pollution in Delhi-NCR and to get rid of the problem of rising pollution. After the strictness of the Supreme Court, the Kejriwal government of Delhi is going to take many new steps regarding pollution. 

Pollution certificates being strictly checked:

Considering the current situation of pollution in Delhi, now the Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) of the vehicles visiting petrol pumps to fill diesel and petrol in Delhi is being strictly checked. And the Delhi Government Transport Department has started imposing a challan of Rs. 10 thousand for the vehicles not having PUC.

Red Light On, Car off Campaign:

It must be noted that the participation of vehicles in air pollution is also being considered up to a significant proportion. While the 'Red Light On, Car Off' campaign is already being run by the Delhi government before the orders of the Supreme Court. A report has revealed that such a campaign helps in reducing pollution by about 15 to 20% and also saves about Rs 200 crore in a year.

Now the Delhi government is going to start another campaign to curb air pollution. While this campaign is being conducted so as to reduce the vehicle load on the roads. As part of the campaign, to stop pollution, PUC is now being investigated rapidly at petrol pumps. Under this, challans of Rs. 10,000 are also being imposed for the vehicle owners who are visiting the petrol pumps to fill petrol and diesel without a PUC certificate.

Teams of up to 1,600 volunteers deployed:

According to media reports, the Transport Department has deployed teams of around 1,600 Civil Defense Volunteers at the petrol pumps. Till now this challan was sent at home if there was no PUC after noting the number of vehicles and checking it from the database, but it would be checked at petrol pumps only.


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