Video of 3 children stuck in lift for 24 minutes in Ghaziabad, struggling to get out goes viral

Publish Date: 01 Dec, 2022 |

In Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad, once again a case of lift getting stuck has come to the fore. This case pertains to the Assotech Society of Crossing Republic. Here three innocent girls were stuck for about 24 minutes due to the lift getting stuck. During this, he was in a bad condition by crying because of fear. 

The father of an eight-year-old girl has filed a case in this regard against the president and secretary of the society at the Crossing Republic police station. He told that a complaint was made about the malfunction of the lift, but he did not pay attention. The police is investigating the matter.

Lift got stuck on 11th floor

The case is of Wednesday late evening. Sports goods businessman Shivam Gehlot lives here in a flat on the 20th floor. Their 8 year old daughter Tejaswini studies in class 3. Tejaswini along with her friends Mishika and Vaidyahi were going to play in the society park. The three girls boarded the lift from the 20th floor to the ground floor. The lift suddenly got stuck on the 11th floor. The lift light was on. Despite this she was not working. Neither the gate was able to open nor it was able to move down.

Kid’s father explains the situation

The girl's father Shivam Gehlot told that his eight-year-old daughter was coming from school. Two other children of the same age were in the lift with him. Suddenly the lift got stuck and with great difficulty these children could be pulled out after about 24 minutes. During this, all the three children were in bad condition due to fear. All the three children were crying a lot from inside, but the relatives standing outside were helpless. Even if he wanted to, he was unable to do anything to get his children out of the lift. He told that this is not the first case of lift getting stuck here. Even before this, such incidents have happened many times.


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