Violence in JNU will result in admission being cancelled, students protest the new rules

Publish Date: 02 Mar, 2023 |

At Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University, new regulations have been put in place. In addition, the students are highly anxious. According to the university's new policies, students who stage a sit-in on campus may be fined Rs 20,000, and their admission may be revoked, or they may be fined Rs 30,000 for violence.

Reason for these rules

The 10-page "Rules of Discipline and Appropriate Behavior" given to JNU students outline punishments for various behaviours like protesting and forging documents. Not only that, but it also includes a detailed description of the inquiry process for discipline violations. The document states that all of these regulations will take effect on February 3. Following demonstrations over the screening of a contentious BBC documentary in the university, these regulations have been put into place. This story had been in the news for a while. There was also conflict on campus over this.


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