Violence In UP: 337 people arrested by UP Police for protesting against BJP Leader Nupur Sharma- Watch Video

Publish Date: 14 Jun, 2022 |

Police arrested three youths who pasted posters of Nupur Sharma in village Sheikhpura of Kotwali area. However, the police is still investigating who is behind the pasting of the poster.

What is the issue?

Some youths had pasted Nupur Sharma's posters at different places in village Sheikhpura late on Thursday night, demanding the arrest of Nupur Sharma. Posters were then pasted all over the village. Not only this, these posters were pasted on the gates of the houses of many Hindus, after which they informed the police on the phone on Friday morning. 

The police had registered a case in this case on behalf of a Bajrang Dal official. Countryside Kotwali in-charge Manoj Kumar told that in this case Shadab son Mohammad Shahzad resident of Paper Mill Road Dera Banda Nawaz, Shahib son Mohammad Sajid resident Sheikhpura and Bilal son Haji Ehsan have been arrested, while Sikandar son Gayyur resident Darbara Sheikhpura, Azim son Ballu resident Darbar Sheikhpura, The names of Shahil's son Dilwaj resident Sheikhpura have also come to light. All these people have been wanted. Soon the absconding accused will also be arrested.

Who is the mastermind of the ruckus, police are looking for

Regarding the ruckus on Friday, the district administration and police officers have engaged the intelligence department to find out the mastermind. There is speculation that there are some conspirators in this ruckus. 

However, the name of this person has not been revealed yet. The search for this person is being done secretly. Actually, for the last several days, there was a rumour of a market closure in Saharanpur on Friday. At the same time, meetings of some people were being held in village-village and localities of the city. Therefore, the police speculate that some influential person is behind these meetings, who may be a well-known face. 

That's why the police are assuming that there is definitely some mastermind behind the ruckus. SSP Akash Tomar told that some videos and photos have been collected by his police teams. So the investigation is going on. At the same time, the intelligence department has also been deployed in search of the mastermind. There itself, Slogans and ruckus were created in Deoband as well under a well-thought-out conspiracy. It is believed that only one hand is behind the ruckus in Deoband and Saharanpur.



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