Banarasi paan and Varanasi langda mangoes have finally joined the Geographical Indication (GI) club, making it possible to identify them by their place of origin. The Ramanagara Bhanta (brinjal) and Chandausi's Adamchini Chawal items were given tags by the GI Registry Chennai on March 31. For the persons involved in their manufacture and trading, the GI tag's acknowledgment of these products is a significant accomplishment.

What is a GI Tag?

A geographical indicator (GI) is a label applied to goods with a particular geographic origin and characteristics or a reputation derived from that origin. An indication that a product is made in a certain location is necessary for a sign to be considered a GI. Also, the origin of the product should largely account for its traits, attributes, or reputation. There is an obvious connection between the product and its original site of production because the attributes are dependent on the geographic location of production.

Benefits of GI Tag

A geographical indicator right makes it easier for individuals who have the right to use the indication to forbid a third party from using it to market a product that doesn't meet the required standards. A protected geographical indication holder is not allowed to prevent others from producing a product using the same methods outlined in the indication's specifications. A right over the sign that makes up a geographical indicator is typically required to obtain protection for it.