Vitamin E deficiency: Here are the foods rich in Vitamin E that can help you reduce its deficiency

Publish Date: 27 Oct, 2021 |

Vitamin E is dissolvable in Fat and helps the immunity system to strengthen itself to fight against the viruses and bacterias. It is also good for skin anD maintains normal Cholesterol level. Here are some of the rich sources of Vitamin E which can help you reduce the deficiency of Vitamin E :


Almonds are considered to be very rich in Vitamin E. If you eat 100g Almonds, you will receive 25 mg Vitamin E. Almonds can be taken with cereals in Breakfast or can also be roasted and eaten as snacks. Another way of almonds intake is to drink Almond Milk. 

Sunflower Seeds

Seeds of Sunflower are rich in various nutrients and help in maintaining the digestive system. They can be eaten by sprinkling them on Curd, Porridge and Salad. If you eat 100 g Sunflower Seeds, you will likely receive 35 mg Vitamin E. 


Green Vegetables are considered very health for a person. One of such vegetables, Spinach is rich in various nutrients and minerals, especially Vitamin E. 100g of Spinach includes around 2 mg Vitamin E.


Broccoli is a rich source of Protein but also includes abundant amount of Vitamin E. Broccoli helps in reducing the bad cholesterol, i.e. LDL Cholesterol in the body. Broccoli can be eaten through Soup and Salad. Boiled Broccoli is considered very beneficial for health. If Broccoli is cooked at low temperature, its nutrients don’t get destroyed.

Hence, to reduce the deficiency of Vitamin E in the body, consume these food items and maintaining good health.



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