Vladimir Putin praised PM Modi, said that a true patriot, did not bow down before any western countries

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 28 Oct, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that India's role in international affairs will increase. Russia increased the fertilizer supply to India by 7.6 times. Putin called PM Modi a big patriot. The Russian President says that India has always had an independent foreign policy and Russia has always had special relations.

Russian President’s statement

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, 'PM Narendra Modi is one of those people who is capable of implementing an independent foreign policy and he is a true patriot. He knows very well how to protect the interests of his people. Modi is like an ice breaker. Many countries and people tried to impose many restrictions on India, but despite all this Modi foiled all attempts to impose any sanctions on India. In a way, he is like an ice breaker on this front. India has achieved tremendous success in development and India has a great future ahead.

No use of nuclear weapons- Putin

Putin made a big statement yesterday while addressing a conference of international foreign policy experts. He said he would not use nuclear weapons on Ukraine. He said it was pointless for Russia to attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons. "We don't see any need for this," Putin said. It has no meaning, neither political nor military.

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