Watch the Inspiring Weight Loss Story of Fitness YouTuber Suman Pahuja who shed 98 kg to 57 kg. Watch Video

Publish Date: 22 Mar, 2022 |

Society has never left a chance to degrade people. Be it financially or by commenting on the physical appearance. Body shaming has always been one of the blacket boons and has impacted several relationships and even triggered mental peace. But when people fight back and bring out the best of them for themselves, then that’s the biggest sap on society. One such inspiring story is of Fitness Youtuber Suman Pahuja who fought back all the odds and lived for himself.  Her inspiring story from fat to fab has been a motivation for many and made people realize to live for themselves and their health. 

Weight Loss journey of  of Suman Pahuja

Suman faced body shaming and comments from her childhood. She faced many harsh comments and ups and downs for her increasing weight. Her family used to insult her in public and even used to taunt her for not finding a suitable groom due to her over weight. 

She was pressured so much so that she even compromised to form a forceful arranged marriage as her family made her tie the knot against her will to a 7 year old man. But her path was not easy even after marriage. Her husband and in-laws constantly made her feel bad and dropped taunts on her looks and weight. And it was when she got the divroce that she stood for herself and decided to fight back. 

Watch this is the incredible transformation journey of Suman Pahuja, a Fitness YouTuber, who changed her life around by melting all the excess fat that had haunted her life. Her spectacular journey from 98 kg to 57 kg will definitely give you motivation and help you to achieve your dream body.


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