Ways To Improve Your Heart Health I Sapna Vyas

Publish Date: 19 Oct, 2022 |

Heart disease is currently a big problem in the globe, however it can often be avoided by managing risk factors and modifying your lifestyle. Sapna Vyas offers some wholesome suggestions for enhancing heart health. You will learn in this video what kind of habits you should avoid if you want to take good care of your heart. Watch the whole thing right now for more details!

Why is heart health important

Because the threat may not feel instant or measurable, it can be challenging to prioritise heart health, and prevention measures may require a complete change in lifestyle. However, if your heart is not functioning properly, your organs won't receive the oxygen and nutrients needed for their survival and hence a decrease in overall body performance which can also lead to death.

Ways to improve heart health


Try to eliminate these things forever from your life in order to maintain a good heart health

  • Smoking- If you are smoker try to stop it or atleast reduce it

  • Avoid consumption of excessive alcohol

  • Avoid eating processed and junk foods

  • Stress- Because when you are stressed it’s highly possible to take wrong decisions and adapt unhealthy food habits

  • Over expectation- In today’s date this is a prime factor behind the decline of heart health in the majority of people.


  • Keep your exercise routine in check which is at least 60 mins a day

  • Dry indulging in cardio activities such as swimming, walking etc which will keep you active throughout.

  • Adding fruits and vegetables, chicken, nuts etc to your daily diet chart can also help maintaining your heart health

  • One of the most important additions in this list is meditation or yoga which will lead your life in a peaceful way.


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