Weather Update: Alert from IMD, Cold in Delhi-NCR won't get any better | Rain Alert

Publish Date: 02 Feb, 2023 |

The majority of the states in North India that experienced extreme cold in January still have awful living conditions. There are now three people from whom they will not receive relief. According to reports, there will be three days of cold winds. There were numerous cold waves, a record amount of rain, and problematic fog throughout January. It was reported in negative in certain areas of Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab in Delhi, where the minimum temperature had risen to 1.2 degrees.

IMC says no western disturbances

According to the Meteorological Department, there won't be any significant western disturbances over the next 10 days. From February 2 to 4, the mountains may have light snowfall and rain, but it won't affect the plains. Dr. Naresh Kumar, a professional meteorologist, predicts that temperatures in the states of North West India may rise and then return to normal.

Weather in Delhi

On Wednesday, the fog in Delhi was relieved, and the sky was also clear. The whole day was sunny. Temperatures at both the lowest and maximum increased. The minimum temperature was 8.6 degrees Celsius, which is considered normal, and the maximum temperature was 21.6 degrees Celsius, which is considered slightly below average. The air's humidity ranged from 53 to 100 percent. The IMD predicted that Thursday would also see clear skies. The forecasted maximum and lowest temperatures are 22 and 9 degrees Celsius, respectively. In a week, the temperature will probably rise to 24 and 10 degrees.


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