Weather Update: Delhi NCR faces heavy rainfall in past 24 hours; will continue for 2-3 days

Publish Date: 18 Oct, 2021 |

The weather conditions once again changed for worse in many parts of the Nation including the capital territory, Delhi NCR. The rainfall that started in Sunday continued for Monday and according to the Weather Department will continue for 2-3 more days. 

North India faces Heavy Rainfall

Noida has been facing rainfall since Sunday night making the weather pleasant and cold at the same time. The temperature has fallen down significantly and the changes are the result of western disturbances. Delhi NCR and North India will continue facing Torrential rainfall for few more days. The weather has given relief to people from the summer heat and has marked the beginning of winter season. 

Delhi NCR has been facing heavy rainfall since Sunday which now has been continuing for more han 24 hours, causing problem of water logging in the region. Due to water logging, many areas of the capital also faced traffic jams.

According to the weather department, along with Delhi NCR, many areas of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh will also continue to face medium to heavy rainfall for few days. 

The weather in Delhi was recorded 23.5 degree celsius and the city faced 3mm rainfall for last 24 hours. The IMD has forecasted that the Delhi NCR will face clouded atmosphere on Monday and medium to heavy rainfall can occur. The maximum temperature is forecasted to be 29 degree celsius and the minimum being 20 degree celsius. 

Many regions of the nation, from North to South, have been facing rainfall and the weather department has predicted that North-Western region of the nation will continue facing rainfall for 18-19 October,2021.

The rainfall has decreased in South india. But it is predicted that a new cycle of rainfall will start in south after October 20,2021. The rainfall can mark the early onset of Winter season and can also help in decreasing pollution.



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