Weather Update: It rained Cats and Dogs in Delhi, Effect of Cyclone Mocha visible | Cyclone Mocha| Rain

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 18 May, 2023
Weather Update:In different parts of the country, contrasting weather conditions prevailed recently. While scorching heat continued from the mountains to the plains, bringing temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius for several consecutive days in Delhi, relief arrived on Wednesday night as it rained non stop in Delhi and NCR. It started pouring late at night and continued intermittently until Thursday morning. Prior to the rainfall, the afternoon sun was relentless, with temperatures soaring like boiling mercury. Similarly, many districts in Uttar Pradesh experienced similar conditions, with temperatures nearing 44 degrees Celsius. Amidst this challenging weather, the rising sun brought about changes in the atmospheric conditions.

Weather Update Delhi

Initially, a veil of dust enveloped the sky, followed by a thunderstorm and a substantial downpour during the late hours of the night. This transformation has brought about a welcome respite from the scorching heat for the inhabitants of Delhi-NCR. The upcoming days are anticipated to continue with mild weather conditions. As per the Meteorological Department's forecast, there is a possibility of thunderstorms and light rain for a duration of two days in Delhi. Subsequently, strong winds accompanied by rainfall may prevail.

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