Weather Update: Rain and cold wave alert in UP and Bihar | weather reports

Publish Date: 03 Jan, 2023 |

While the Indian Meteorological Department has just released its most recent weather forecast, which indicates that the cold pandemic is likely to persist, the damage caused by the illness is steadily growing across North India. In several states, a thick fog will cast a shadow, and chilly waves will still be present in some places. A warning has also been issued by meteorologists due to the severe weather. The prospects of escaping the hard winter are exceedingly slim because of the chilly winds blowing on the plains next to the Ganga.

Alert in many cities in UP

Over the past 24 hours, a cold wave and extreme cold have affected many parts of UP. The coldest Monday night in UP happened in Kanpur. Here, 3.6°C was the temperature that was measured. In Fatehpur, the temperature was 5 °C. In 24 hours, 13 individuals passed away in Kanpur. According to doctors, the nerves are contracting as a result of the extreme cold. Blood is coagulating. For the upcoming five days, the entire state is under a cold wave notice.


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