Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 31 Kg & Became Fitness Trainer & Anchor I Vruushali Taayadey

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 14 Oct, 2022

Weight Loss Journey: Weight loss journey is an essential part of one’s life specially for those who regained their confidence after suffering from multiple issues physically, mentally and emotionally. Meet Vruushali, a mother of two, an anchor, and a fitness expert who once experienced taunting, low self-esteem, and fat-shaming because of her appearance. Watch this inspiring weight loss journey to see how she used her commitment and tenacity to lose 31 kg. Please subscribe to onlymyhealth if you want to see more videos like this.

How I Lost 31 Kg & Became Fitness Trainer & Anchor

This is a story of Vruushali more like a journey of a fitness trainer from weighing 89 Kgs to ending up at 51 Kgs. Vrusshali was an obese child and by the time she reached 10 she was almost 70 Kgs. She even started getting tanned because of obesity. People soon started comparing her with others. She started suffering from depression and self hateness. After pregnancy she became more fat.

Alternative to loose fat

She started figuring out alternatives to lose weight. She adopted the habit of waking up early in the morning to have some time for herself and simultaneously started learning more about nutrition and exercises while following the process step by step. Her constant dedication and willingness to lose weight landed her into the 60 KG ring in one year and this continued for a year and two.

Journey to fit from fat

Vrusshali shared her experience of adopting Keto Diet which resulted in a sudden muscle drop and energy loss that she started looking like a skeleton. And it didn't look like a healthy move. She regained some weight and started working out again to achieve 55. Slowly and steadily her body started to transform. And now she has done over 500 transformations being a trainer.

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