Weight loss Tips: Here is the easy way to prepare Detox Water at home

Publish Date: 28 Oct, 2021 |

Due to our changing life style and eating habits, toxic substances develop in our body which cause damage to human body. Removing these toxic substances from body is very important.

If you’re thinking how shall such substances be removed, then I will let you know that you can do this through consuming detox water. Detox water not just helps in detoxifying your body but also strengthens digestive system and helps in reducing weight.

Here is the way to prepare detox water at home:


  1.  Lemon

  2. Cucumber

  3. Ginger (grated)

  4. Mint Leaves


Put all the ingredients, i.e. Lemon, Cucumber, grated Ginger and Mint leaves, in a jar or jug and then pour water over them and fill the jug/jar with water. Detox water will be beneficial only when the ingredients are kept immersed in water for 6-8 hours.

Benefits of Ingredients and Detox Water

Cucumber: Cucumber has anti inflammatory properties and keeps the body hydrated.

Ginger: Magnesium, Vitamin C and other minerals present in Ginger help in improving blood circulation and also provide relief from stress. 

Mint leaves: Mint leaves help in strengthening the digestive system and also help in overcoming tiredness. 

Hence, you can free yourself from toxic substances by drinking detox water and can keep yourself healthy and fit by consuming it.



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