West Bengal: Spicejet plane stuck in heavy storm before landing, many passengers injured

Publish Date: 02 May, 2022 |

A SpiceJet Boeing B737 flight going from Mumbai to Durgapur in West Bengal got stuck in a storm, injuring 40 passengers on board. The condition of 10 of these passengers is said to be critical. However, due to the wisdom of the pilot, the plane landed on the runway safely. The injured were immediately rushed to the hospital as soon as the flight landed.

Spicejet expresses regret

SpiceJet has expressed regret over this unfortunate incident and said that all possible help is being provided to the passengers injured in this accident. As soon as the plane came to land at the airport, it got caught in a sudden storm and for a moment it felt as if the plane was hanging in the air. 

During this, some luggage started falling from the cabin of the plane, due to which the passengers of the plane got injured. After the plane's safe landing, all the injured passengers were admitted to the nearby Raniganj hospital for treatment.

Earlier it was said about this accident that it was an emergency landing, but later the officials denied that it was not an emergency landing. This plane took off from Mumbai and went to Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport located in Andal, Durgapur, its landing was also to be done here. Just before landing, the plane got caught in a sudden storm.  

What is Kaal Baisakhi?

Thunderstorms, lightning and strong wind are common weather events over eastern India in April and May. It is called Kaal Baisakhi or Norvester. Effect of Kaal Baisakhi in Jharkhand, Bihar, P. Visible in Bengal and Odisha. It mostly occurs in the Hindi month of Vaishakh, hence it is called Kaal Baisakhi.

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