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Publish Date: 20 Jan, 2022 |

What is E-Passport in India?

A rise in technological advancement and digitisation has enabled electronic versions of almost all KYC documents. According to External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar, Indian citizens will be able to procure e-Passports with enhanced security features in the coming future. 

An e-Passport is a chip-enabled passport with a biometric identification card strengthening, safeguarding the transparency and security of travel documents.

However, there is not much difference from the regular passport in terms of application, verification, and information.

Benefits of an E-Passport

  • Passengers with an e-passport do not have to stand in queue for a long time. E-passports can be scanned in a few seconds making them a faster alternative.

  • It has a biometric record of individuals. Therefore, it will prevent frauds and spamming from conducting data piracy and making duplicate passports.

  • the chip passport authentication will fail on tampering.

  • Data and travel details cannot be wiped from it. 

Features of E-Passport

  • Embossed holographic images in a laminated film appear to change colour and move under the light.

  • Demographic information of the user.

  • Biometric information and details of the bearer.

  • Fingerprints of all 10 fingers.

  • Iris scans of the bearer.

  • Colour photograph of the bearer.

  • Digital signature.

How to Apply for an e-Passport?

  • Go to the Passport Seva website and click on “Register Now” or log in with your existing ID.

  • Click on “Apply for Fresh Passport” or “Re-issue of Passport”.

  • Provide all the details asked and click “Submit”.

  • Click on “Pay and Schedule Appointment” to make payment.

Upon completing this process, print the receipt. You can also show the acknowledgement SMS at PSK/POPSK/PO.


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