What is Gummy Smile? Know Oral Health & Dental Care Tips from Experts. Watch Video

Publish Date: 08 Apr, 2022 |

One thing that we notice first is someone's smile. The key to that beautiful smile is taking proper care of your oral health. Here's all you need to know about how to take care of your oral health from Dr Rajesh Shetty from Dazzle Dental, Mumbai. 

Why is oral health Important for overall health?

Healthy gums, strong teeth, neutral breath,and a clean tongue are the parameters of overall good health and hygiene. Maintaining good oral health prevents many diseases, bacterias, viruses and disorders from developing in the mouth. As the mouth is the opening for the human body, everything which goes inside your mouth impacts your health. The mouth is one of the first places to show symptoms of many illnesses, including diabetes. So Oral health is important as it's the first gate which impacts the overall human health. 

How often should one go for a dental checkup?

One should go for an overall dental checkup at least once in every six months. If a person is following a good dental and oral cleaning and not experiencing any trouble can visit once a year. But people with a sweet tooth and frequent oral illness should visit once every 3-4 months. 

Diseases that one can get due to poor oral Health

If a person doesn't follow proper dental and Oral care then they might get dental cavities and gum disease. These diseases are also linked to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. One can also get exposed to dental caries (tooth decay), periodontal diseases, oral cancers, oro-dental trauma, cleft lip and palate, and noma (severe gangrene disease starting in the mouth mostly affecting children).

Best Practices for Good Oral and Dental Hygiene

Here are some of the best practices one should follow daily for good oral health and healthy teeth and gum. 

  • Brush regularly

  • Do not brush aggressively or it will tear the tooth enamel and even result in receding gums. 

  • Use fluoride for oral care.

  • Floss once a day to clean any leftover food stuck between teeth. 

  • See a dentist regularly or at least once in every six months.

  • Do not smoke or excess drink.

  • Consider a mouthwash.

  • Limit sugary foods and starches.

  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks like coke. 


Common Oral Diseases

Here are some of the most common oral diseases that impact people worldwide.

  • Cavities. Cavities are also called caries or tooth decay.

  • Gum disease (gingivitis- inflammation of the gums). 

  • Periodontitis.

  • Cracked or broken teeth.

  • Sensitive teeth due to exposed nerves ending in teeth. 

  • Oral cancer. 

Dental Cleaning for Crooked Teeth

People with Crooked teeth should take care of their teeth more carefully. They should floss and use mouthwash to help get rid of food stuck between their teeth. They should also see a dentist and take care of plague as it might lead to tooth decay, sensitive teeth, gum bleeding and more. 

What is a Gummy smile?

A gummy smile is a smile that shows too much of your gum line. It might make people embarsess. This happens when people have an eruption of permanent teeth, sometimes there's an overgrowth of gum tissue that covers too much of the teeth. and it can be a cause of embarrassment or an insecurity for many people who have them.


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