What is Hypertension & how to beat Hypertension with this 7S formula in your daily life

Publish Date: 19 May, 2022 |

Hypertension: Today most of the people are dealing with problems of Hypertension which often frustrates them in their hectic day to day schedule. Although it is quite common in adults, it should be noted that the problem can occur at any stage. So let’s know what Hypertension is and how it can be cured through these 7S formulas.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is a common condition in which blood is pushed against the walls of a blood vessel over time, causing major health problems such as heart disease and even bleeding. Hypertension is the pressure that increased blood flow exerts on the arteries, causing them to rupture. In simpler terms think of a water flowing smoothly without any disturbance. It looks relaxing to see and hear but at the same time when the same water starts flowing with full force pushed by a cyclone or tornado it has detrimental effects on the edges.

Similarly if someone has hypertension then our blood vessels will get affected and because the heart is responsible to take care of those blood vessels, it will have to do a lot to fix the problem in that high pressure and thus leading to several cardiac diseases. 

How to beat Hypertension?

You need to avoid these 7S to get a better lifestyle and beat hypertension at the same time.

1s- Sugar, Excess sugar can lead you to problems such as Diabetes, controlling your sweet cravings can save you from future problems.

2S- salt, Excess salt is the prime cause of increased Blood pressure, in order to fight anxiety & calm your BP take a control over salt usage.

3S- Stress. In present day stress is the primary cause why youth are getting dragged towards problems such as hypertension in very early stages. Try taking as much less stress as you can.

4S- Smoking, If you are dealing with Hypertension and consume cigarettes  on a regular basis you need to drop it right now.

5S- Sedentary lifestyle, avoid being a  couch potato. Take a step in the outside world, engage yourself in co-curricular activities, lifestyle will get better and so will your health.

6S- Spirits or alcohol, minimize your consumption or if possible stop consuming it, it’s no less than a poison to your already deteriorating health. 

7s- Sleep management. Make sure you are atleast getting a sleep hour of 7-8 hr. Do not fall for the 6 hr mandatory sleeping schedule, in the present work scenario your body should atleast get a suitable break in order to function well.


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