How can you differentiate between Dengue and Malaria? Watch video to know its prevention

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 07 May, 2023

In tropical and subtropical nations like the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia, both diseases Dengue and Malaria are widespread. Both dengue and malaria can cause significant complications and even death if not treated properly. Proper awareness is essential for the prevention and control of these diseases, starting with an understanding of how each is spread. Although they are sometimes grouped together, malaria and dengue are completely separate diseases that are only brought on by a mosquito bite. 

There is only one way for dengue and malaria to spread, and that is by way of a mosquito vector. The only known carriers of both diseases are these arthropods. A person cannot contract malaria or dengue from another person since the vectors are the only mechanism by which the infections can be spread. Although each disease is brought on by a different kind of mosquito, it is only spread by the bite of an infected mosquito.

We will be comparing and contrasting the two most widespread diseases spread by mosquitoes in the world, Dengue and Malaria, in this video. As the monsoon season approaches, the prevalence of these illnesses tends to increase, making it essential to understand their distinctive characteristics in order to diagnose them quickly and administer effective treatment. 

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