What is the meaning of Bull Markets by Stock Market? Know from Laxmi Bhai

Publish Date: 27 Aug, 2022 |

Have you ever heard of the terms "bull market" or "bull run" as a novice trader or investor? The stock market frequently uses this phrase. The Nifty, Sensex, and other stock market indices are typically associated with bull markets. Watch this Laxmi Bhai video if you want to learn more about it in depth.

What is the Stock market?

A stock market, equity market, or share market is a group of people who purchase and sell stocks, which stand for claims to ownership in companies. These securities may comprise both stock that is listed on a public stock exchange and stock that is solely traded privately, such as shares of private companies sold to investors through equity crowdfunding platforms. Usually, a strategy is in mind when making an investment.

What is Bull market in stock market

In the world of investment, the terms "bull" and "bear" are frequently used to characterise market conditions. The general status of the stock markets is described by these words. A bull market is one that is growing and where economic conditions are normally favourable. When the economy is in decline and the bulk of stocks are depreciating in value, a bear market begins to emerge. Because investor attitudes have a significant impact on the financial markets, these phrases also explain how investors feel about the market and the consequent economic developments.


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