What is the meaning of Netanyahu's return to Israel? What will be the effect on the Palestinians | Israel Election 2022

Publish Date: 05 Nov, 2022 |

Benjamin Netanyahu is going to take the post of Prime Minister once again in Israel. The coalition led by him has won a majority and big leaders from all over the world are congratulating him. Netanyahu secured a majority in the 120-member parliament by winning 64 seats. 

Netanyahu has returned in the election held for the fifth time in the last three years. Netanyahu once again took power in his own hands, challenging Prime Minister Jair Lapid. Now the people of Israel hope that they will get a stable government under the leadership of Netanyahu.

Prime Minister for fifth time

Now Netanyahu is ready to take over the post of Prime Minister for the fifth time. Jair Lapid, who had created an atmosphere against Netanyahu a year ago, has now also congratulated Netanyahu on his victory. At present, the process of transfer of power in Israel has started. That is, now the command of this powerful country will be in the hands of Netanyahu. Netanyahu has been the longest-serving prime minister in Israel. He ruled the country for 12 consecutive years and for a total of 15 years. After which his journey is starting once again. 

Tough stance on Palestine

Benjamin Netanyahu has been seen as a tough leader on Palestine. The Israel -Palestinian conflict is well known in the world. Netanyahu has long opposed the establishment of a Palestinian state with Israel. In 2005 he resigned in protest of Israel's withdrawal from the occupied Gaza Strip.


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