What will happen to the war if Vladimir Putin begins receiving treatment on March 5?| Russia ukraine war

Publish Date: 21 Feb, 2023 |

Russian President Vladimir Putin is once again in discussion, this time the discussion is not related to Russia Ukraine war but about his health. According to the news published in the Russian media, there has been a big decline in the health of President Putin. This fall is so big that he will soon have to get admitted to the hospital and get his treatment done.

Vladimir Putin's health is not good

The Mirror quoted Russian Telegram channel General SVR who explained that Putin's health is not good and it is deteriorating. Media reports had earlier claimed that Vladimir Putin is suffering from some serious diseases including cancer. Based on the results of the medical tests, a new treatment has been prescribed and it will start from March 5. It has been said in the report that it can seriously affect the plans and decisions of the President in the coming days. 


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