When stopped from walking on the Wrong Side, the Traffic Police was brutally beaten up by a young man. Delhi Police

Publish Date: 08 Jun, 2022 |

In Delhi, a young man and a girl brutally beat up the traffic police. After this there was a lot of commotion, the traffic police of Delhi Police went to Deoli Mor to open the traffic. The case has come to light from Sangam Vihar area of Delhi. On Wednesday morning, the traffic inspector was overwhelmed to stop a young man and woman coming from the wrong side. Instead of admitting their mistake, the young men and women clashed with the traffic inspector.

Driving on the wrong side

According to the information, the traffic inspector was on duty at Deoli Mor of Sangam Vihar, Delhi at around 10 am on Wednesday. Inspector says that the drivers were coming from the wrong side and there were three people in the same vehicle, so they were stopped. But on being stopped by the inspector, the girl got angry and got entangled with the inspector. 

For a long time, the inspector kept arguing with these young men and women. After which the inspector asked him to move the vehicle out of the way. But the young men and women were not ready for this. He grabbed the inspector's collar and started pushing. During this the girl fell down. During this other people also gathered there. Enraged people, without listening to the inspector, started beating him. And ran and hit the inspector. After which other traffic policemen also arrived and saved the inspector.

Policeman admitted in the hospital

A policeman has suffered a severe head injury. He has been admitted to the hospital. His condition is stable and kept under observation. At present his condition is stable and he has been kept under the care of doctors. The local police have filed a case in this matter.


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