Where else in the country are there Jhoola bridges like Morbi? What is Suspension Bridge? Hanging Bridge

Publish Date: 02 Nov, 2022 |

Since the fall of Morbi Bridge, discussions about such bridges are in full swing across the country. Actually Morbi bridge was different from other bridges. It did not rest on pillars of cement or bricks as in common bridges, but was built with the help of cables. Often only suspension bridges are built on rivers and such bridges on rivers are considered safe.

What is Suspension bridge

Suspension bridges are mostly built over flowing rivers. In this type of bridge, no pillar or base is made inside the water. In suspension bridge or suspension bridge, 70 to 75 percent cable work is done. There are thousands of small wires attached to them, which are joined to make a big cable. Such bridges are used for long spans. One of the purposes of making this bridge is also that it can withstand the strong wind.

Other suspension bridges

Besides the Morbi Bridge in India, many rivers are crossed by suspension bridges. Although the collapse of the Morbi Bridge causes panic in the minds of people today, these bridges have been used by the public without hesitation for decades. There are hundreds of small suspension bridges. However, the famous Jhula Bridges include Koto Suspension Bridge, Rohit River (Arunachal Pradesh), Lakshman Jhula, Walong, Vidyasagar Setu (West Bengal), Dopra Chanti Bridge (Uttarakhand), Lohit River (Arunachal Pradesh), Darjeeling bridge, etc


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