WHO under serious peril due to Corona explosion in China | Covid 19 Update | Coronavirus in China- Watch Video

Publish Date: 21 Dec, 2022 |

With the continuous reduction of Covid-19 in the world, it was believed that the end of the corona virus has come. But now the increased cases of corona in China have once again increased the threat to the world. Corona virus has created an outcry in China. Prominent scientists and WHO believe that in view of Corona in China, it would be premature to announce its end. China has recently abolished the zero covid policy, after which cases have increased rapidly. According to an estimate, by March 2023, more than one million deaths could result from this unprepared decision.

Experts say that there have been fewer deaths due to the Corona epidemic in China than in other countries. But the sudden relaxation may increase the death cases. Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, who is part of the WHO's Kovid Emergency Committee, said, 'Can we still call anything post pandemic (after the epidemic), when a large and important part of the world is reaching the second wave of corona. It is clear that the corona has reduced all over the world and we are in a different phase of the epidemic, but the increased cases in China have increased the trouble.


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