Why did Joshimath's homes develop cracks? Numerous individuals left their homes. What will the government do next?

Publish Date: 05 Jan, 2023 |

The locals in Joshimath, Uttarakhand, staged a torch parade on Wednesday in protest of the significant landslide. People yelled protests against the NTPC hydropower project and urged that it be stopped as soon as possible so that serious efforts could be made to treat Joshimath.

Officials gives statement on the crack

Shailendra Pawar, president of the Joshimath Municipal Corporation, declared, "Now the process of growing fractures has started in Sinhadhar and Marwari. Cracks are constantly appearing on the Badrinath NH near Sinhadhar Jain Mohalla and JP Company Gate, which is close to the checkpoint for the Forest Department in Marwari. This rift is growing worse by the hour, which is concerning.

According to the chairman of the Joshimath City Board, fissures have been noticed in the majority of the ward's public roads and have been recorded in nine Marwari homes. According to the District Disaster Management Department, there have been instances of groundwater seepage at Joshimath's JP Colony in the Marwadi Ward.

9 wards affected by the landslide

The risk of house collapse brought on by landslides and cold weather has now become a significant problem in Joshimath town. Joshimath city's nine wards have been severely impacted by landslides. People in the city are becoming increasingly alarmed by the deepening fractures in the walls and floors of the residences there.


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