Why is Indonesia changing its capital? Explained- Watch Video

Publish Date: 14 Nov, 2022 |
The Indonesian Parliament approved a bill to relocate the country's capital on January 18. Indonesia's capital will be relocated from Jakarta to a new city on the island of Borneo. Nusantara is being built in the forested province of East Kalimantan, approximately 2,000 kilometres northeast of Jakarta across the Java Sea. 
The decision was made in response to growing concerns about Jakarta's long-term viability. The project is the largest in Indonesia and is expected to cost more than $30 billion.
However, it has raised concerns about a massive environmental impact.

Why Capital is changed?

Jakarta, Indonesia's capital since independence, is home to approximately 10 million people. The city has faced a number of urban issues, ranging from overcrowding to pollution. Jakarta may have some of the world's most congested roads.
One major concern about the city's long-term future was that it is located on a swamp on the island of Java and has been slowly sinking.
According to studies, the entire city could sink by 2050, and flooding is a recurring issue.
President Joko Widodo first announced in August 2019 that the capital would be relocated from Jakarta to a new city. A new bill passed in 2022 has outlined a plan to shift the capital in five stages, the last ending in 2045

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