Why is there a demand in China to remove President Xi Jinping from his post? , Coronavirus in China

Publish Date: 28 Nov, 2022 |

The echo of 'Xi Jinping leave the throne, unlock the country, Communist Party leave power' is being heard in many areas of China. Actually the people here no longer want to live under the strict corona restrictions. The people of China are troubled by the lockdown regarding the Zero Covid policy. They say that they cannot live with such restrictions any longer. On Monday, 40,052 new corona infected have been identified in China. This is the fifth consecutive day when an increase in the number of corona infected was recorded.

Videos surface on social media

Several videos have surfaced on social media, in which people are shown raising slogans against the Chinese government's restrictions on Covid. The protests began after 10 people were killed and nine injured in an apartment fire in Urumqi. In this episode, a large number of Chinese citizens took to the streets expressing anger over the Covid policy.

DW News East Asia correspondent William Yang posted a video on Twitter that shows people protesting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) led by Xi Jinping on 'Urumqi Road'. Citizens raised slogans such as "Remove Communist Party", "Remove Communist Party" and "Remove Xi Jinping".

Reason for people protesting

Zero Covid policy has been implemented in China for 10 months. There are various restrictions, but anger flared up when a fire broke out on the 15th floor of a building in Xinjiang, China, on 25 November. 10 people died in this accident. Due to the lockdown, the relief could not reach on time. People alleged that the officers were negligent. After this people took to the streets in Beijing and demonstrations started.


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