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Publish Date: 21 Dec, 2022 |

Pathan Controversy: Ever since the song Besharam of Pathan movie came out, protests are going on all over the country regarding this movie. Wherein Pathan movie actress Deepika Padukone is being accused of insulting saffron colour. And it is being opposed from all over the country, while now the sages of Ayodhya have also come to protest against this film. Meanwhile, Saint Jagatguru Paramhans Acharya of Ayodhya has burnt the poster of Shahrukh Khan. The saint said, "I am searching, the day Shahrukh Khan is found I will burn that jihadi alive.

'Saffron' has been insulted

Actually, Jagat Guru Paramhans Acharya said that saffron has been insulted in the film Pathan. It is a well-thought-out strategy that people have made it a business to continuously hurt the sentiments of Hindus. This film is Jihad. This is done by preparing a strategy, so today we have burnt the poster of Shah Rukh Khan. Along with this, he said that I am looking for the day Shahrukh Khan is found, I will burn that jihadi alive and before burning him, I will show him that if you hate saffron, then why is the blood flowing in your arteries? I have spring. Its color is also saffron, no one can exist without saffron. God is the color of sun, color of fire, saffron is the symbol of peace and all the followers of Sanatan Dharma are proud. insult to saffron


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