Will ChatGPT increase fraud? Risk of Digital Fraud | Jagran Business- Watch Video

Saumya JaiswarPublish Date: 04 May, 2023

If you are the owner of a corporate company or an employee of a corporate company, then this news is for you only. Many corporate companies are busy using ChatGPT to make their work much easier. Employees working in these companies are increasingly using ChatGPT. But, do you know that it can also be very harmful for you.

Let us tell you that in a report by Israel-based venture firm Team 8, a disclosure has been made that companies using Generative Artificial Intelligence Tool like ChatGPT can access their customer's personal information and trade secrets.

This report has been given to Bloomberg. In this report given to Bloomberg News, it has been clearly stated that due to the widespread use of new AI chatbots and writing tools, companies can become victims of Data Leak. The fear is that hackers may target chatbots to access sensitive corporate details or take action against the company. Concerns have also been raised about the fact that now all the confidential information fed in chatbots will be used by AI companies to train chatbots in future. As such, there is no absolute guarantee of the security of the data.

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