Will India Face Scarcity of Supply of Wheat due to Ongoing Russia-Ukraine War?-Watch Video

Publish Date: 14 May, 2022 |

According to an official circular by the government, it was notified that now there is going to be an amendment to the export policy of wheat. The circular stated that due to a sudden hike in the prices of wheat globally, the food security of India and neighbouring countries can be at risk. The export of wheat from India is going to be curtailed in many countries. Only those nations who are facing deficiency and shortage of wheat will be exported the grain. 

Globally, there is a spike in the price of Wheat due to the war going on between Russia and Ukraine. 

It is likely that India may also face a shortage in the supply of wheat due to constant rising prices and our farmers are preferring to sell wheat to private companies. The reason for this is that private companies are paying them more than the minimum support price.

Farmers are also preferring to sell wheat to private companies because they do not have to face the inconvenience which is usually faced in government mandis. In Punjab and Haryana, farmers are also getting the benefit of the competition to buy wheat among private companies. This situation should be looked into not only by the farmer leaders but also by those political parties and organizations who created an atmosphere against the agricultural laws and misled the farmers and instigated them to protest. At least now they should understand that agricultural laws were for the benefit of the farmers and by opposing them blindly, the farmers were harmed overall.



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