Will Rs 2000 notes be valid even after September 30? RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das statement- Watch Video

Saumya JaiswarPublish Date: 23 May, 2023
The Reserve Bank of India said on Friday that it will withdraw Rs 2,000 currency notes from circulation. This was done because the RBI saw that most of the Rs 2,000 notes in circulation were rarely utilised. Because the RBI ceased issuing new Rs 2,000 notes in FY19, these notes were four or five years old when they were printed in 2017.
The regulator has stated that it is actively withdrawing these notes from circulation and has asked the general public to deposit their Rs 2,000 notes into their bank accounts or exchange them for other currency denominations. The RBI has also urged the general public to deposit these currencies in banks by September 30, 2023.This gives you 134 days from the announcement to deposit or exchange these notes at your banks.


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