H3N2 virus outbreak to soon end? India may see a rise in influenza this year

Publish Date: 11 Mar, 2023 |


H3N2 Virus: An outbreak of H3N2 Virus, a subtype of Influenza A, is currently sweeping across the country. As a result of this, two people have died. Despite this, the Union Health Ministry stated that cases of H3N2 virus-induced viral fever are expected to decrease beginning this month. 

Health experts have warned that H3N2 virus infection can cause serious problems in children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people suffering from serious diseases. Seasonal influenza has the greatest impact in India every year from January to March, as well as in the post-monsoon months.

Who are most vulnerable

According to Dr. Anoop Latne, Consultant at Surya Mother and Child Super Specialty Hospital, Pune, pregnant women and young children are especially vulnerable. There are some measures you can take to protect yourself from this virus. Getting enough rest, increasing fluid intake, and diversifying the diet to include micronutrients are all examples. Doctors also recommend avoiding crowded places such as public transportation or shopping malls and wearing a mask. 

H3N2 outbreak 

However, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reports that H3N2-related influenza has been linked to one verified death each in Karnataka and Haryana. The most recent official statistics show that as of March 9, there had been 3,038 confirmed instances of infection with various influenza subtypes, including H3N2. of these, in January, 1,245 cases, in February 1,307 cases, and 486 cases in March, were reported.


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