Will The Kerala Story be banned? Why all the fuss over the movie?

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 04 May, 2023

The movie "The Kerala Story" has caused quite a stir. The movie has drawn criticism from a wide range of political groups, and its ban was also urged. Nevertheless, the movie opens on May 5 across all of India. Prior to the release of the contentious movie, the state of Tamil Nadu has issued a precautionary high alert. On Wednesday, information concerning this had been released by officials.

The movie alleges that some 32,000 Christian and Hindu females were misled, seduced by Muslim men, forced into marriage, and sent to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria to join the terrorist group ISIS. Even the Chief Minister of Kerala had to issue a statement stating that the figure of 32,000 is incorrect. However, the question of where this story of Kerala began remains unanswered outside of the film. Why did Kerala's name keep popping up repeatedly?

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