Winter Vacation 2023: The effects of the ongoing cold will keep these states' schools closed and result in school breaks

Publish Date: 18 Jan, 2023 |

In many areas, it has been decided to keep schools closed for a few more days due to the declining temperature and escalating cold. Many states closed schools for younger students at the beginning of January as a result of the cold snap. Despite the Meteorological Department's warning that cold outbreaks could continue for a few more days. The administration may issue a fresh order in such a case. For the time being, all schools in Punjab and Haryana would be closed.

Punjab and Haryana increase school vacations

Winter break has been extended for Chandigarh city schools by Punjab. For classes LKG through 8, the break has been extended until January 21, 2023. This only applies to Chandigarh City; the remainder of the state has not been announced. Due to the state's poor weather, the Haryana Directorate of School Education has prolonged the state's winter break till January 21. The schools will resume on January 23 instead of January 16, as originally planned, due to the colder weather.

Schools opened in UP

After the weather in Uttar Pradesh UP got better, schools resumed operations in the state's capital, Lucknow. Beginning on January 16, all classes 1 through 8 began classes. The hours of operation for kindergarten through eighth grade schools will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., while those for ninth through twelfth grade will be 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Due to the extreme cold that was experienced in various areas across the nation, including Uttar Pradesh, a holiday was recently declared in schools. In several UP districts, however, schools have not yet begun operations.


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