Winter wedding exists ‘Le Indian memers be like Paisa hi Paisa hoga

Publish Date: 07 Dec, 2022
Winter wedding exists ‘Le Indian memers be like Paisa hi Paisa hoga
Winter wedding memes: November and December in India is commonly the season of love, fashion, tradition, delicacies . What we actually want to say is the season is all about weddings and yes,... umm wedding again. Opening social media these days is like ‘Lagta hai pure sansaar ki shaadi hai’ well, you are not wrong because these days with every second scroll on Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter all you will see is people either congratulating or sympathizing with the newlyweds. No doubt why suddenly Lata Ji’s ‘Tu Aaja’ song is on the roll because ‘Trend to krna banta hai’. So if you are also the one juggling between digital wedding albums let’s take you on a funny meme ride.

Wedding season and memes play

We guess only the one sector benefiting from this wedding season is probably our Indian memers who never misses a chance to add the tadka to the kheer. Sorry, we meant cloves to your Gajar Ka halwa since it’s winter wedding season. Check out the funny memes compilation of wedding season. 

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