With a shovel on his shoulder, Sarkar disembarked from the chopper; this is Shivraj's style of politics

Publish Date: 26 Feb, 2023 |

Today, the people of Madhya Pradesh witnessed their leader in a new light. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister, was unexpectedly seen at Jhabua. But, it was also essential for individuals to be taken by surprise. A spade was placed on Shivraj's shoulder as he descended from his chopper. Actually, there was a possibility.

How therefore could the head of state be forgotten in Jhabua during the Halma festival. Shivraj, the chief minister, rode in his flying cart to Jhabua while holding the gati in his hand. At the same time, CM Shivraj performed Shramdan by tilling the ground with Gaiti.

Shivraj takes part in Halma festival

CM Shivraj had actually arrived in Jhabua on Sunday. He has taken part in the Halma festival there. Shramdaan, a celebration observed in tribal communities, and Halba are two traditions connected to society. The Bhil society's joint Shramdaan effort, carried out in an altruistic spirit, is the answer to the problem of helping the community's struggling families.


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