Woman threw slippers at Partha Chatterjee. Bengal Teacher Recruitment Scam

Publish Date: 02 Aug, 2022 |

An incident of a woman throwing slippers at Partha Chatterjee, a former minister trapped in the Teacher Recruitment Scam of West Bengal, has come to light. On Tuesday, a woman threw slippers at Partha Chatterjee. Partha was brought to ESI Hospital for checkup. During this, the woman said that these leaders are looting public money.

Women interviews with media

During a conversation with the media, the angry woman said that people like Partha Chatterjee are filling the vault of their house by looting crores of rupees from the public. Such a corrupt person is brought to the hospital in an AC car. They should be dragged by tying a rope around their neck.

I had gone to get medicine for my patient, but I got angry seeing Parth and I hit him by throwing slippers. I would have been more happy if these slippers would have gone on his bald head. I will walk barefoot, but how long will such robbers continue to get government facilities? Partha Chatterjee and Arpita Mukherjee are brought to ESIC Hospital for a medical test every 48 hours.

Partha Chaterjee not cooperating with ED

An ED official said the suspended Trinamool Congress leaders remained silent for most of the time during their interrogation. Chatterjee had said on Friday that he was the victim of a conspiracy. According to ED sources, Parth has been complaining of fatigue frequently since his arrest. They are avoiding questions. Chatterjee just says that the money found at Arpita Mukherjee's place is not his. Chatterjee had on Sunday claimed that the money recovered during the ED's raids was not his and only time would tell who conspired against him.


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